Royal Fragrances London model

Our Story

Royal Fragrances London was created after spending years in the perfumery industry, learning the art of perfume blends and experiencing the enthusing journeys to gardens of various flowers including roses, lavender, Lilly and forests of Agarwood (oud) trees while selecting exquisite ingredients from around the world. Royal Fragrances London is recreating the passion and perfection of luxury scents.

The art behind each elaborate creation of Royal Fragrances London allows for a vivid journey of indulgence through the smell of exotic aromas of roses, jasmine, sandalwood and oud. Our luxury moves beyond the delicacy of the materials, and into the craft that makes each perfume a portion of passion. Our passion.

As a House of niche luxury perfumes, Royal Fragrances London was created to restore the passion and perfection in our perfumery with the belief that scents can evoke beautiful memories. Our scents will remind you of the pleasant days gone by with our creative fusion and timeless scents.  Our fine fragrances are crafted with high levels of pure perfumes, which will take you to another journey.

Our mission is to craft luxury perfumes and provide a personal service to the royalties of fragrance lovers of our digital era. Luxury in Each Detail.

Each fragrance has its own creative journey and a unique story to share with you.

Floral & Sweet
Fresh & Oriental collection
London collection
Oud & Woody collection